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The Swinging Guru

All your swinging Lifestyle questions answered by a veteran swinger and his hotwife!

This site is designed to help newcomers thinking of joining the swinging lifestyle. We will attempt to answer your questions; there is not much that we have not seen in our years in the scene. If we cannot answer your question we are sure we can find someone who can.

We will also try to kill some of the misconceptions about the lifestyle which ill informed newspaper columnists and TV shows perpetuate.

There has been a trend over the last few years for TV companies to include references to the swinging lifestyle in many of their programmes. Sometimes this is done in a reasonable way such as in several episodes of CSI LV, but often they are included for cheap laughs. These shows can also perpetuate myths about swingers that bear no basis to reality:

  • Lifestyle Swingers have sex with anyone.
    • Generally this is not true. Most swingers need to be attracted to a person before they indulge in sex with them.
  • Swingers are all old and ugly.
    • Swingers come from all age groups, in over 20 years running swingers parties, our guests ages range in age from 18 right through to people in their 70's.
    • Everyone sees beauty differently.
  • Male swingers put their car keys into a bowl, the women pick a key from the bowl and that is their partner for the night!
    • In 40 years in the swinging lifestyle I have never seen this happen. When swinging you only have sex with a person you are attracted to and you have the right to say no to any person at any time, without justifying yourself.

Take a read through the topics in the menu on the left. If you still have questions after reading the pages use the "Ask a Question" form to send us your query. We will send the answer to you by email, and unless you ask us not to we will publish the question and answer on the site.

We have included links into a swingers contact database. We were involved in the launching of this database in 2003, it is aimed at swingers and many of the staff running the site are swingers themselves. If you are looking to meet new friends this is the site we recommend to you (we also use this site ourselves to advertise for playmates).

If you have been swinging for a while, it does no harm to review the section on "Swinging Manners", as we all forget how to behave sometimes.

We hope you find the information useful and enjoy your visit to the site

Jo & David

david, swingers, webmastersjojo, swingers, webmasters We are Jo and David your webmasters, we have been swinging for many years and helping swingers make contact on the internet since 1997. We now live in Spain where we run swingers parties and weekend breaks for swingers.